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Hannibal [in English]
Thursday 24 July 2008
by Pumpkin (^_^)
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The Hannibal can perfectly suit a beginning competitor for Fast-Catch & Endurance events. As its main asset is to slow down in the very last yards of its flightpath, making it very easy to catch.

It remains my privileged choice in tricky weather conditions, like there were at Vierzon 2007: a mild wind, but whirling. Furthermore, it can tolerate a moderate wind.

The pattern can be found in the FBF Newsletter #95.

- Summary:

Endurance, Fast-catch & Accuracy (with multi-holes) boomerang

Made of polypropylene, 4 mm thick

Wind conditions: light to moderate

For competitor from beginner to advanced levels. Easy & pleasant to throw, can tolerate mistakes in throwing.

Throw vertical, target high (+/- 20°).

_Scores achieved in tournaments:_

Fast-catch: 24.59 secondes (#1) at Vierzon 2007

Endurance: 49 catches at Lausanne 2008

Accuracy-100 76 points (9th) at EBC Lausanne 2009 (in a whirling & shifting wind)

Possibles scores : 20 to 23 secondes in Fast-catch (possibly even better) 50 catches & over in Endurance (10 to 12 throws per minute)

- Trivia Question:

Who could tell me what this boomerang’s name refers to?

Beware, there is a trick...

It is NOT a very bad character from novel & cinema, but -at the total opposite- a very kind being... :)

Post Scriptum :


- September 1st 2008:

49 catches achieved (on 50 throws, one dropped) at Lausanne, on August 31st 2008

- September 12th 2009:

With many holes at the center & on wing tips, it becomes a good boomerang for Accuracy (76 points achieved at European Cup Lausanne 2009, in a tricky wind)

-  To order one, contact me

lire cet article en français

Forum messages :
Hannibal [in English]
Sunday 13 September 2009
by  Antti, Finland
Yesterday I threw with Hannibal-3blader! it seems to work pretty fine, best triblader I have ever had. (...)

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